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Old 02-22-2008
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Can anyone recommend a good auto air conditioning repair place on Oahu?
Gerald - 2015 BMW 435i Gran Coupe M-Sport & 2007 Lexus RX 350
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Old 02-22-2008
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Originally Posted by m0nessa View Post
Just out of curiosity

How many of you go to the dealership to get things done? oil changes etc...

To make a long story short I am kind of at war with my dealership even regarding warranty issues....I have found they are kind of like an HMO where for the regular things its alright but for odd things that show up they use the fast cheap way out..oh and another thing they ALWAYS DANGLE THE YOU BREAKING THE WARRANTY THREAT....of which I told them do you know that you have a crappy warranty with the srt8s...3year 36k...I told them that is a shameful warranty and its kinda weak to use that to threaten people who choose to go with a private mechanic...sorry for the rant...
I hear you m0nessa...

(to make a short story even longer...) I currently am in discussion with the dealer (to put it politely) regarding some paint defects on my vehicle.

It's not just the typical water spots (from being left on the dealer lot) but some actual defect underneath the painted surface. It looks like they just painted over some contaminants that were still on the metal, but the dealer is contending that the vehicle (and/or their dealer prep) would not have left their facility like that (like they are perfect) and that they will not want to cover it under warranty. They said that it might have happened after it left the factory (which I find unlikely since it is below the painted surface).

It obviously is not a paint chip as there is no paint missing and the defect has actually raised the painted surface and not cut into it (and is still under the paint) , further proving that it was not caused by a flying rock or debris.

I originally got interested in detailing (for me it's just trying to maintain my personal vehicle) because I wanted to find out if this 'defect' is something that a detailer can take care of or if it would require something more severe like a paint and body shop. Plus I want to make my vehicles last.

Once I sign up and learn how to use Photobucket, I'll try posting some pictures of this paint defect. It looks like a mini volcano (about the size of a pencil eraser).

The dealer reference I forwarded to Shea (for Toyota parts) was just for parts only (not necessarily the service).

The dealer took over two weeks to fix my roof mounted antenna (another battle) that they were saying was possibly caused by an automated car wash (which they also were contending was not a warranty issue) since it happened after it left the factory (even though they may have caused it themselves- since I've never sent this vehicle through a car wash). But they finally agreed to pay for it out of their own pockets (even though they still contend is not a warranty issue- since it may have happened after it left the factory).

I'm thinking that another reason the dealer may be putting up a fight for this other issue is because they do not do paint and body work and have to outsource this type of work to a sub-contractor (such as a paint and body shop). If they cannot get reimbursed from the manufacturer, they would have to pay for it out of their own pockets and eat the cost themselves as well.

That's another reason why it may cost more to go to a dealer. Besides the higher overhead and overinflated labor rates that they charge, if they cannot do the work themselves, they have to outsource it, pay someone else and add some additional markup for themselves to make some money from the transaction. That's why add-ons such as tinting, rustproofing, etc cost a lot more at the dealer than going direct (the salesman even told me that they use TNT as one of their tinters). It's better to cut out the middlemen (who adds to the total cost) and just go direct.

However, for some factory-specific issue, I might consider the dealer just because they are supposed to be factory-trained, have the parts on hand and have the most up-to-date and specific knowledge and resources for my vehicle.

Ideally, I would like to find a one-stop place (such as a personal mechanic) that has the knowledge and experience and is someone that you can trust for good advice and hopefully won't rip me off in the process.

I am still looking for one, which is why I originally started this thread. By getting other's opinions, it will help myself (and hopefully everyone else) to make a more informed decision in who are the good ones are and who to stay away from.
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