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Oh boy Ranney, you really "opened the flood gates" on this one. I can relate to all that have already been said. Let me add several things that make my hairs "stand on end".

1. People who lean on the vehicle especially when they are wearing jeans.

2. People who place things on the vehicle like soda cups, women's handbags, packages, etc...

3. People who put their feet up on the dashboard.

4. Go on a trip and renting a car. The condition the car is in and you can't do squat about it. My wife just laughs at me. FYI, I recently read a report that the most unhealthiest place when traveling is the interior of the car you rent. Dirtier that public restrooms. I now carry "Wet Ones" with me and wipe down the steering wheel, gear shift knob, window controls, and door handles. Real anal.

There's a lot of other things but I would like to hear what others have to say.
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