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Default What are some of your pet peeves about detailing?

Aloha all...

What are some of your pet peeves about detailing? Whether it's you or someone else?

Well, let me start off.

1. I hate it when I forget to put the wiper blade switch back to off after I accidentally turned it to on position while cleaning the dash. Then I start the car and swoosh, I have streak marks on the windshield.

2. After getting done drying the car, water dripping down the outside mirror on the side of the car.

3. Accidentally turning on the Porter Cable polisher with a fresh squeeze of polish on the pad.

4. When I see someone at a gas station, using the window cleaner squeegee on their paint finish. Then using the paper towel and drying the car.

Please share some of your stories. This should get interesting.

Thank you & Aloha,

Ranney Pak
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