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Hmmmmm, let's see.....oh yea

1. Going into the back seat to wipe the inside of the back window (I have a small car) and not getting a cramp while doing it.
2. Trying to figure out how you had the knobs adjusted before you cleaned the front dash (A/C is on but warm? interior lights are on! etc.) and not realizing some of the adjustments are slightly off.
3. Your next door neighbor comes over while your detailing your car and throws hints that he wants his car detailed too (but he doesn't want to do it or doesn't have the time to do it )
4. You get that strange look from your neighbor after he see's you cleaning every honey comb hole on your front grill and he asks why are you doing that or are you on drugs? .
5. Using my Finnish Kare Wax with a spray bottle on a very windy day. Most of it ends up in the wind or in your face, and again your neighbor is watching .
6. You just spent a day and a half detailing your car and very proud of it. Just when you've done putting all your tools away, the yard man starts working on your neighbor yard across the street and your down wind of him (cut grass all over your car )
Have a nice day all
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